Agile Software Architecture

Learn how to do effective architecture work in agile environments in this pragmatic, 3-day seminar.

3 Day German

17th-19th of August 2022


3 Day English

10th-12th of August 2022


How do you do effective architecture work in agile teams and projects?

The participants of the AGILA module learn to design and develop software systems and architectures according to agile principles. On the one hand, it is about transferring agile principles and ideas to architecture work, on the other hand, it is about anchoring architecture practices sensibly in agile procedures.

If architecture is developed in projects that rely on self-organized teams or shared responsibility, new skills are required from developers and architects. These include technical as well as methodological and communicative aspects. These are covered both theoretically and practically.

This training is part of the Advanced Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA® - Advanced) certification and is accredited by the ISAQB.

Participants receive 20 points in methodology and 10 points in communication on the way to their successful certification.



Participants learn to design software architecture using agile methods and principles. The training has a focus on how to apply architectural practices in an agile environment. At the same time trainees will learn how to apply an agile mindset to software architecture.

  • Basics of agile architectural workbinocular

    Basics of agile architectural work

    Understand and be able to apply architecture in agile environments. Be able to decide on technical concepts and accompany implementation. Communicate and document architecture in a secure and sustainable way. Agile evaluation of architecture. Anchor architecture as a basic skill in the team.
  • Agile approach to architectureaim

    Agile approach to architecture

    Incremental development of architecture with Scrum and Kanban. Risk-driven architectural work as a determining factor. Roles for architects and agile teams. Integrating stakeholders into architectural work.
  • Architectural requirements in agile projectseditserver

    Architectural requirements in agile projects

    Methodological basics to lead teams effectively to decisions. Learn consensus procedures. Moderating groups in decision-making processes. Influence of organisational structures on architecture and vice versa. Clarify and transfer responsibilities. Lightweight workshops for better architecture.
  • Designing architecture in a teampeople

    Designing architecture in a team

    Extend Epics and Stories to include architecture work
  • Reflection and feedbackhandshake

    Reflection and feedback

    Mastering root cause analysis in a team. Test qualitative properties effectively. Benefits of continuous integration and deployment for agile architecture work. Getting feedback in time. Architecture goals in a reality check.


Participants should fulfill these requirements.

  • Work experiencedataapp

    Work experience

    Professional experience as a software developer or software architect is recommended.
  • Certificationlighthouse


    Software Architect CPSA-Foundation Level (CPSA F) certification is recommended, but not required.


  • pricecoins

    2495 CHF

    Payment is made by invoice


This training is offered in German and English language.

  • 3-day course Germanconference

    3-day course German

    3 days course in german language
  • 3-day course Englishconference

    3-day course English

    3 days course in english language